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Luxury Home Services

When you work with Megan, you’re working with someone who combines her market expertise with entrepreneurial innovation, and passion. She listens to your wants, needs, and goals, uses data and RE/MAX's expansive global network to enhance your property. With Megan and RE/MAX Ready, a full-service brokerage, She will put your property in front of more potential affluent buyers worldwide than anyone else! Megan welcomes expectations because she holds herself to the highest standard and knows that trust is earned through delivering results.


Megan provides her clients with a top-tier service where they don't have to worry about scheduling inspections, contractual dates, managing the move-out process and her clients don't need to be there on closing day. 


If you are considering selling your home, or just want to get a feel for what your home would sell for on the market, She would love to meet. Send her an email today! 

In-House Concierge Services Available

One Month FREE Rent

When you choose HERR as your trusted real estate agent, you not only gain access to expert guidance but also the opportunity to tap into her large network of landlords with exclusive long term or short term rentals and enjoy one month of free rent! This is a unique benefit when you buy or sell with HERR and It's just one of the ways she goes the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition for her valued clients. * Landlord approval required.

FREE Dumpster or FREE Moving Pod Rental

Home Staging
Our professional home staging services help showcase your property's potential, making it more appealing to potential buyers. We provide furniture, decor, and expert staging techniques to transform your home

into a buyer's dream.

Moving Assistance
Relocating can be stressful. Our concierge team can assist you with all aspects of your move, from coordinating with movers to packing and unpacking your belongings. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to

your new home.

Utility Setup
Setting up utilities in a new property can be time-consuming. Our concierge service takes care of the entire process, from contacting service providers to arranging installations. We make sure your new home is ready for you

to move in.

Local Area Information
Discovering your new neighborhood is essential. Our concierge team can provide you with detailed information about local amenities, schools, healthcare facilities, transportation, and entertainment options. We help you feel at home in your new community.

Home Maintenance
Keeping your property well-maintained is crucial for its value and longevity. Our concierge service can connect you with trusted professionals for routine maintenance tasks, repairs, landscaping, and more. We ensure your home remains in top condition.

and MORE! Tell HERR what you need help or have concerns with and it will be done!

REMAX Collection Logo

Properties valued at more than $2M can become a signature RE/MAX Collection®️ listing and gain access to a range of premium, white-glove services as well as a global media presence.

RE/MAX has a presence in over 110 countries and territories. This footprint is unmatched by any other real estate brand. 

Examples of marketing materials
When you sell your house with Megan,  your house will get listed on all the top real estate websites.
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