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Rental Property Leasing

When it comes to handling the leasing process for landlords' rental properties, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. From the initial marketing phase, I utilize effective strategies to attract a wide pool of qualified tenants, including online listings, targeted advertising, and networking with local agencies. I meticulously screen potential tenants, conducting background checks, verifying income, and assessing rental history to ensure the best fit for the property. Throughout the lease negotiation process, I work closely with both parties to establish fair terms and conditions, while adhering to legal regulations and ensuring compliance. I provide detailed documentation and assist with the signing process, offering clarity and transparency to both landlords and tenants. With my attentive approach and dedication to customer service, I strive to make the leasing process as stress-free as possible for landlords while securing reliable and responsible tenants for their rental properties.

Let HERR handle it! 

Specializing in Apartment Building Leases and the Mom & Pop Landlord


Manage the marketing of your rentals.

Lead Management

Handling new prospects and manage existing tenant relations.


As part as the rental application process, is also the screening process. This includes screening for credit, income source, employment, background and rental history


Megan is a licensed REALTOR and has access to the second largest MLS database nationwide!

Infographic of all the real estate websites that listings get broadcasted out to.
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